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ValerieVixen’s first cum show on Myfreecams

ValerieVixen on myfreecams mfc second dayValerieVixen is a model on Myfreecams who has rocketed to top model status in no time. This past Saturday, she spent an entire day online and raked in so many tokens it was unbelievable. Her first day was boosted by the help of another model, but her second day took off with incredible amazement. Within a short time she managed to make it to the number 2 spot on the top 20 highest cam girls. Although this is amazing, I still don’t see what is so special about this girl yet

As I watched the show, I noticed that ValerieVixen’s moves were very much in line with those moves you see strip girls perform at a strip club. I kinda get the hint that she may have worked in a club before switching to online camming. Anyway, Saturday was an interesting day. She performed her first cum show on her second day on Myfreecams. Not only did she do a cum show, she did several throughout the day. I have no idea how many hours she spent online but during the day while I was checking, she could have easily been on for 8 hours, maybe longer. The point is that guys never stopped tipping her and she averaged over 2000 people in her room throughout the day with a peak of over 4000 during the cum shows.

I initially thought she would be a 1 day wonder. I didn’t think her popularity would last. I am still waiting to see if this is just a one time phenomena, but so far it looks like she’s the hottest girl on Myfreecams. If you haven’t seen her and you like cute blondes with fake boobs and a nice shapely body, then go visit ValierVixen on Myfreecams.

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ValerieVixen cum show on myfreecams mfc

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ValerieVixen and AnaFoxx on Myfreecams MFC

ValerieVixen and AnaFoxx on myfreecams mfcToday I witnessed the most amazing startup for a new model that I have ever seen. As I was browsing through Myfreecams earlier today I noticed a new model with a lot of premium members visiting. I took a look and there was a college girl named ValerieVixen trying out Myfreecams on her first day. But what was causing her to be so popular? After watching for a while I realized that she was being helped by another cam girl, but the other cam girl was a top model that seems very popular. I have never heard of or seen AnaFoxx, but whatever it is that guys like about her is a mystery to me. As I watched Ana’s show some guy tipped her 10,000 tokens. The whole room was stunned and the show went on. Both Valerie and Ana did their shows on separate cams and scored tons of tokens today.

How much did they make today? Well, they spent several hours raking in the tokens doing nude shows, making out with each other and performing lap dances with each other. They seemed to be so popular because the guys never stopped tipping them. For a first day, ValerieVixen scored a lot of tokens and her camscore skyrocketed. So not it’s up to her to maintain the momentum. ValerieVixen might think this type of occurrence happens all the time, but it was an exception. But who knows, maybe she’ll keep it going and be a top model in no time. If you like hot blonde college girls with big fake boobs, then she’s one I’m sure you guys will check out. So go check her out on Myfreecams and see if she is a one day phenomena or the real deal.

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ValerieVixen and AnaFoxx myfreecams mfc nakedValerieVixen and AnaFoxx myfreecams mfc kissingValerieVixen and AnaFoxx on myfreecams mfc pussy

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