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Tata_Latina on Myfreecams MFC Sexy Colombian Model

Tata_Latina on  myfreecams mfcTata_Latina is a cam model on Myfreecams. Who would have thought that over 2 years ago, this model would be as popular as she is today. When I first saw this model on Myfreecams in the summer of 2010, I thought she would be a popular girl for a short while and then fade like many others, but nearly 2 and a half years later, this model is still on fire. So let us take a quick look at where she was when she started and where she is today amongst the top models.

Back in the summer of 2010 Tata_Latina was going by a different name and it looked like she was working in a cam studio. I never caught on to her popularity. To me she was just another every day model. I didn’t see anything special. However, she was so popular that guys kept tipping her constantly and her chatroom was always busy. So I decided to watch a few of her shows back then. What astounded me then was her constant sexual appetite and her never ending fountains of squirt shows. I could see why guys liked watching this girl. Yet, I did not see what the appeal was and I stopped following this girl.

For a long time I forgot about this model and after a while I figured she had faded from the site, that is until I noticed her avatar several months ago under a new name. I don’t know when she changed her name and it seems that she works independently now instead of for a studio, I could be wrong about that. I still don’t follow this model, but I decided to see what her shows are like today and where her camscore is. To my surprise, the highly sexual shows that she started doing back in 2010 are not present in her shows today. Her camscore is over 8,000 and her demand is still high. She may do some very good shows in private or group, if she does them, but in public her shows have been toned down a lot. So it appears that she used her early popularity to boost her client base and her overall demand. Today Tata_Latina is a very popular model and if you like exotic Colombian girls, this girl is worth checking out. What are you waiting for, go visit her on Myfreecams.

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Thannia on Myfreecams MFC

Thannia on myfreecams mfcThannia is a model on Myfreecams. She has been doing cam shows for probably a year maybe longer. She has an exotic look and although there is a location on her profile, I would guess that she’s from somewhere exotic ha ha ha. Anyway, Thannia is a sexy model that has a small but loyal following. For a long time most of her shows were done in private or group settings. Public shows were usually long boring chat sessions with the occasional tease. I think it was this type of performance that kept her camscore barely above the average starting score.

I don’t follow this model very much but sometime during the summer it appeared that she left Myfreecams, but it seems like she took a short break. When Thannia came back to do shows again, she changed her performance to include public shows. Her popularity is slowly growing but her camscore is quickly climbing. She has a nice toned body which means she probably works out a lot at the gym or perhaps she’s a personal trainer? In any case if you like tight and toned bodies, this may be a girl you might want to check out. Just recently she gave her first public dildo show and when you see one, maybe you’ll get to see another.

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Darina_Luv how nude does she get?

Darina_Luv on myfreecams mfcWhether you are new to Myfreecams or you’ve been watching camgirls for years, you’ll eventually come across a so-called non-nude model. Why such models exist on websites that proclaim nudity and so much more is beyond me, but to be fair there is no rule that says you have to show any nudity at all on Myfreecams. So this brings us to Darina_Luv and her non-nude status.

I saw some of the very first shows when Darina_Luv first started on Myfreecams. At the time so many premium members came in and drooled all over her room. I remember the early conversations that occurred. Members would ask her to show nudity but she would shyly decline, saying she was just starting off and she hadn’t made up her mind yet as to what she wanted to do on Myfreecams. These early conversations led to some premium members convincing her that she could and should just be a non-nude model. This encouragement followed by tips led to her current status.

So how much nudity does she really show? For a long time she did not show any at all, not even in public. But a couple of months ago that changed. She started to do teasing, hinting at an exhibitionist side. And that led to teasing in public and in group settings. The extent of her teasing led to nipple slips and pussy slips, but nothing prolonged enough to be worth wild. Any nudity that she did was always facing away from the camera, never revealing anything to the public. So if you visit her room, you shouldn’t expect much more than lots of talking and potentially some rare teasing. My prediction is that she will eventually lean towards showing some more nudity for her loyal fans. Is she truly a non-nude model? If she was, she wouldn’t be showing or teasing as much as she currently is. If you want to know more about her, feel free to visit her room on Myfreecams.

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RyleeXO or Ryleexoxo sexy cam model on Myfreecams

Ryleexoxo or RyleeXO on myfreecams mfcRylee is a cool cam girl on Myfreecams. I have been following Rylee for quite a few months now mainly because her shows can be very funny to watch. But what I have noticed lately is that Rylee has been switching between her 2 different Myfreecams accounts. I am not sure why she switches accounts, but it is part of her cam style. Several months ago she was using RyleeXO to go online and she was very successful, but then something happened and she switched her account and started to use Ryleexoxo for a while. She started over and her camscore slowly climbed again, but for some reason she started over. But then a few months ago, she started switch between the 2 accounts.

Anyway, besides the interesting switching between her accounts, her shows continue to remain fun to watch. Because she is a school girl studying at university, you can always get a glimpse of her and her room mates having fun. Lately; however, it appears that she is no longer living with her room mates. Looks like she has moved into her own place or somewhere different. Still her shows encompass your typical topless and then bottomless topics followed by some type of toy play. Sometimes cum shows and sometime bj shows happen. If you like to watch a fun girl enjoying herself, give her a visit. She’s witty and fun to chat with.

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TessameStreet Sexy Schoolgirl on Myfreecams

TessameStreet on myfreecams mfcTessameStreet is an interesting camgirl on Myfreecams. She started doing cam shows almost a year ago and soon found herself in an interesting position. Did it happen naturally? Did someone give her the idea? Or was it simply the focus of the premium members that pushed her into being an non-nude model? Whatever the reason or the cause of it, today TessameStreet appears to only do chat sessions and nothing more. However, that wasn’t always true.

When TessameStreet first started performing on Myfreecams she did a few nude shows. Those were the only ones that ever happened. Since then, there have not been any nudes. There may have been some sexy teasing or dancing but nothing where she has revealed anything beyond her panties. But that doesn’t stop premium members from visiting her shows and taking her into groups or privates. Most of the time she will be online chatting about random events and yet premium members keep tipping her out of the blue.

What is the mystery about this sexy camgirl? Is it that she is a schoolgirl and is currently traveling around Europe only to pop-up online to cam for a few minutes before logging off? Who knows, but lately she has been making appearances and will she be on more often? Well only time will tell. If you want to know more about this mysterious camgirl, click the banner below to sign up for an account and save her to your favorites. If you are lucky enough, you might just catch  her online.

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SpicyBabyV hot redhead cam model on Myfreecams

SpicyBabyV on myfreecams mfcEveryone likes a redhead and SpicyBabyV is one of the hottest ones to watch on Myfreecams. SpicyBabyV is a sexy Russian model that has been camming for a while. She seems to have an average score of 2000 and doesn’t seem to be making much progress, but the possible reason is that she also cams on other sites. If she dedicated her time to just one site, this sexy model would climb up the cam stats pretty quick.

Although she is a hot model to watch, her video cam is not the best quality. It seems to run on average. This girl definitely needs to be on High Definition video. But this doesn’t stop guys from taking her into private shows. SpicyBabyV has a great sense of humor and what is best of all, she allows basic members and guests to chat in her room as well. So whether you are a premium member or not, you get a chance to hold up a conversation with this hot sexy redhead.

If you like redheads, then SpicyBabyV is one hot little number. Her private shows are very intense and her public teasing is also fun to watch. So what are you waiting for? Click the banner below to visit her on Myfreecams.

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AlexisXoX sexy cam model on Myfreecams

AlexisXoX on myfreecams mfcAlexisXoX is a very attractive cam model on Myfreecams. I recently noticed her on the site and I think she is fairly new. When it comes to beautiful women with very nice bodies, AlexisXoX is definitely in a very sexy category. Her body is beautifully filled with curves in just the right places and any man would have a hard time trying not to watch her shows.

AlexisXoX seems to do shows for fun. I’m sure she asks for tips during her shows, but there are times when she will come online and start drinking and have fun. Her shows are very hot to watch especially when she oils herself up. Her sexy outfits as well as naughty toys are a great way to enjoy yourself while you watch her teasing. In a recent show, she gave a nice little blow job tease with a very realistic looking toy.

Overall, she appears to be a new cam model and with the types of performances that she has been giving I see that she will slowly work her way up the ranks. This hot girl has the right tools to be a top model, for now it’s only a matter of time before she gets there. If you love sexy ladies with a nice set of breasts and a very sexy ass, then AlexisXoX is the girl you need to visit. So what are you waiting for? Click the banner below to visit her on Myfreecams.

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esmeralda_bel cute cam model on Myfreecams

esmeralda_bel on myfreecams mfcEsmeralda_bel is a sexy Hispanic cam girl on Myfreecams. I’ve been following her shows for a couple of months and I have to say that she has done very well to climb the stats on Myfreecams. When I first started to watch her, she had a very good rank in the 3000 range, but currently she stands over 7000. It seems that hard work and effort pays off over time, perhaps a little luck also helps.

One thing I have noticed with esmeralda_bel is that she tends to do a lot of hours on Myfreecams. Over the past few days I have seen her spend most of the day online. She has a big and loyal audience and I think her best asset is her sexy ass. I can not comment on the majority of her shows, but the few shows I have seen have been very hot to watch, especially when she gives an ass show.

If you like Hispanic ladies and you enjoy sexy bodies, then this girl is one you have to visit. With a sexy body and some sexy outfits, esmeralda_bel keeps her audience wanting more. So what are you waiting for, click the banner below to visit her on Myfreecams. Most days you’ll find her near the top row of the website.

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Mercedes_Sky sexy British model on Myfreecams

Mercedes_Sky on myfreecams mfc schoolgirl cowgirlMercedes_Sky is a very sexy British model on Myfreecams. I have noticed an increase of models from the UK and this sexy girl stands out amongst the rest. One thing that I have noticed about British girls is that most of them tend to have implants. Mercedes is no exception and she shows off her breasts proudly.

Mercedes is a fun girl to talk to, but most of the time no one starts up a conversation. For some reason, your average model has a hard time getting guys to chat. But once the cloths start coming off, the chatting and comments begin. What is great about Mercedes is her range of sexy outfits. She has been online wearing maids, sexy lingerie and recently a very hot schoolgirl outfit. Most of the time she will tease with tit flashes, ass flashes or if you are lucky pussy flashes and maybe more.

Her shows are not limited to just costumes, she has done some very hot oil shows as well as some hitatchi action and regular dildo shows. Mercedes is a very good model to watch with a very sexy British accent to listen to. If you want to see something different and hot on Myfreecams, Mercedes_Sky is the girl you need to watch. So what are you waiting for? Click the banner below to head over to Myfreecams.

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Arianne has finally got her boob implants on Myfreecams

Arianne New on myfreecams mfcIf you have been following Arianne for the past several months, then you know that she left Myfreecams last year, then returned in order to make enough money to get some breasts implants. Interestingly when she returned she became more popular than she was last year. Her camscore jumped from an average 2000 to over 7000. Currently her camscore sits over 8000.

So what has caused this jump in popularity? If it was only for looks then most of the beautiful women on Myfreecams would be at the top, but beauty is not the only factor in popularity. Her personality and stubborness is a factor. Arianne has a way of prolonging her shows by delaying what guys want to see. In most cases she will do a topic for topless and act as if she doesn’t want to do it. It is only when premium members start tipping that she starts to put on her acting show. She pretends to not want to show in public and pleads with audience when they start to tip. This acting and her sensual moves cause more people to want to tip to see a reluctant girl get naked. But when she achieves her goal, she then prolongs the nudity by very slowly disrobing.

But after a couple of months of being off the camsite Arianne has returned and is reluctantly showing off her new boobs. At first glance it appears that nothing has changed, but you can clearly see scar tissue under her breasts and you can see how inflated her boobs are now. Whether guys like them or not, I think her personality is what drives most of the premium members to tip in her room. Besides that she has some very erotic hard core shows. Most of her shows are done in private or group settings, but every once in a while you’ll get a very naughty glimps in public. If you haven’t seen this Romanian camgirl yet, click the banner below to go to Myfreecams.

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