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Ninja_Girl case of a successful camgirl

Ninja_Girl on MyFreeCams MFCIn previous articles I have written case studies of camgirls which have struggled on MyFreeCams. Now we look at a camgirl who has achieved a level of success that many other models would dream to have. Ninja_Girl is perhaps one of the most popular models on MyFreeCams. As soon as she goes online, her room quickly fills with an average of 300 members or more. On good nights, she peaks over 3,500 members. I have seen many nights where she averages around 1000 people watching her shows, but it wasn’t always like this.

Some background history

Ninja_Girl is a very beautiful Romanian model and like many Romanian girls, she started off working in a studio and struggling to maintain a good camscore. There are many beautiful Romanian models, some do very well and average scores over 2000, but there are many other models that hover at 1000 camscore or below. In the case of Ninja_Girl, she transitioned from working in a studio to working for herself. This change did not result in her overnight success or popularity. It took many months to build up her camscore and many more months to build up her popularity.

From my observations, it appears that Ninja_Girl had a two step process. The first step was to improve her camscore. In order to do that, she understood that tokens divided by time equals camscore. So, the more tokens she made within a one hour block the better it was for her. Once she made her goal, she ended her online session. She averaged about 3 hours each day and maximized her token intake. This helped boost her camscore. But was that her secret?

Changing performance

Maybe it was more a change of attitude than performance, for Ninja_Girl. Essentially, before she changed her overall view, she did what most camgirls do, worked hard to get tokens. There were times when she also gave cheap or nearly free shows, but this was not going anywhere. So she became more social and started to do less hard core shows. When she started to be more social and she started to build online friendships, her personality began building her online fan base. This took many months, but it has reaped many rewards down the line.

Trying a new approach

After she became more social, she started to build a team. Somewhere along the line, she created her Ninja team made up of loyal friends and followers. And it was this team that has played a key roll in her success. She reduced or at times stopped doing group shows and private shows and only on occasion allows some private shows to happen. By reducing the amount of access there is to her and building a loyal team, she has created more demand for herself. To build on this success, Ninja_Girl launched one of her rare contests. The demand that she built over the past several months and her small dedicated team has resulted in a very successful Valentines month.


So what did it take to become successful? Ninja_Girl transitioned from your everyday camgirl to one of the most popular camgirls on MyFreeCams over a long period of time. Essentially some of the most successful camgirls take 6 months to 2 years to reach a good level of success. It is rare for a camgirl to start on their first week and reach that level of success; however, it does happen. In the case of Ninja_Girl, it was a long process which has brought about her success. So if you want to learn more about this sexy model, visit her room and check her out. Many new people that meet her for the first time become enamored by her and most importantly for Ninja_Girl they become addicted to this sexy woman. To learn more about what you can do to become more successful, feel free to explore some of my previous articles on how to improve your performance.

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Lori_ Myfreecams come back girl

Lori_ on MyFreeCamsOver the past several months I have been observing several models as they progress with their camscores on Myfreecams. In one particular case I wrote a case study about three different camgirls and their overall poor performance. Well of the three there was one who made progress and in particular a come back to the upper camscore ranks. In this article we look at Lori_ a Myfreecams model who also cams on Livejasmin under the alias EllinaCutie.

The beginning

Let’s start at the beginning. When Lori_ first started on Myfreecams her overall approach was to be shy and not show any nudity. Her first week was fairly average, but the main issue she had was that she was also camming on Livejasmin. There is nothing wrong with that, but as a first time model on two different websites, Lori_ made a common mistake to constantly log off of Myfreecams without telling her premium members why she was logging off. This led to the loss of many potential fans. Secondly, she did not understand the camscore. In no time at all, Lori_’s camscore went from the starting 1000 to under 500.

Making the change

At this point I was pretty sure there was no hope for this camgirl. But I was wrong. Over the past several months, she has managed to change her performance and she has learned to communicate better with her audience. Lori_ has managed to bring up her camscore from the upper 400′s to 1000 again. Although she is still hovering around 1000 camscore, she has the potential to improve.

As far as performance goes, it’s fairly average. When she first started she thought that just a sexy dance would get her far, but since then she has started to do some topless shows and now does full nude private shows. In Lori_’s case, she had to do a different type of show in order to get back up the ranks and start earning more tokens. Eventually if she gets popular enough, she may be able to switch over to just a sexy dance, but for now, if she keeps pushing her performance she’ll keep improving her camscore.


So if you camscore is low and you think there is no way to come back, then know there are models that have shown, it is possible to make a come back.

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Lori_ naked on MyFreeCams MFC

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Request69′s first Group show in 3 years

Request69 first group show

Request69′s first group show in 3 years

Request69 is a very hot model on Myfreecams. If you have not seen her around it’s probably because she spends a lot of time in True Privates and she normally comes on at odd hours of the night. In any case, she has been on Myfreecams for a long time and has changed her performance over the years. She seldom does public shows and primarily sticks to public flashes, but most of the time she spends in private shows.

Anyway, something changed this year in 2013, Request69 did her first group show in 3 years. I have no idea what made her change her mind about this, but she did it. Since I saw that first group show, she has done it again. So I wonder if this is going to be a new norm for her. Whatever the case may be, if you have not seen this hot sexy brunette, you should keep your eyes out for her and visit her chatroom when you get a chance. To visit her on Myfreecams click the picture above.

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KateeLIFE speaks on Myfreecams

KateeLIFE speaks on Myfreecams mfc

KateeLIFE speaks on Myfreecams

I have been following Kateelife for a long time now, ever since she first started on Myfreecams. Do I remember hearing her talk at any point? Not really, but then again when she first started I wasn’t paying attention. Previous to her Myfreecams start, she did cam on other sites, but again I have no idea if she had talked before on cam. So lately, Kateelife has been striving for some goals and she promised on cam that if she made her goal she would speak. I witness this promise 2 times already, but the first time I didn’t stick around to see if she actually met her goal and spoke. Anyway, this past Friday on the 11th day of the New Year, Kateelife met on of her goals and for a few minutes of cam time, I and several hundred other visitors heard Katee speak on cam. What can I say but she sounded like a shy American girl. Very nice voice and I’m glad to have heard it and witness it. If you haven’t seen this sexy gal yet, click her picture above to visit her on Myfreecams.

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BlondeFantasy returns to Myfreecams

BlondeFantasy on MyfreecamsFor quite a while now, I thought that BlondeFantasy had stopped doing shows on Myfreecams. The main reason was because I thought she was dedicating her time to her website. At least that is what I thought, a quick look at her website and it is still in the “coming soon” stage. The status of her site has not changed since last year. So where has she been and what has she been doing?

Someone asked her that same question a few nights ago when she returned to Myfreecams. BlondeFantasy kept her answer very simple, “I was busy with projects”. Whatever that means. Anyway, she has returned and is still as popular as she was when she was on half a year ago. This Russian blonde could easily replace a plastic Barbie. Looking at her recently she looks different from what she looked like several months ago. Perhaps it’s her camera or maybe new lighting or whatever the case may be, she looks different.

What has not changed are her shows. It still appears that her shows have the same routine as they did when she was constantly camming. BlondeFantasy will come online, do some chatting and she’ll do some stripping, other than that, if she does something else it probably happens in private. So if you like blonde ladies then you might want to give BlondeFantasy on Myfreecams.

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BlondeFantasy naked on Myfreecams

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BellaFrench returns new and enhanced

BellaFrench returns to MyfreecamsFor the past couple of months BellaFrench has not been online. Some people may have been wondering if she quick doing cam shows or if she simply started to dedicate most of her time to her new website, but the reality is that she took the time off to go through enhancements and recover from surgery. BellaFrench has some of the largest breasts on Myfreecams and she got them enhanced earlier this year. However, after seeing another woman with larger breasts than her, she was motivated with the desire to go bigger. She announced to her public that she was going to get a breast enlargement again and would return later to show off her new breasts.

To those that follow her on Twitter, they got an update periodically about her status. Before she decided to return to the cam world, she announced on Twitter that she was getting a second surgery done, but this time it was for her ass. BellaFrench had to gain some weight so that the fat gained could be moved to her ass. Now that she has returned, you can see her new breasts and new ass on Myfreecams. BellaFrench has also posted some pictures on her Twitter to show off her new assets.

If you like big breasted French Canadian blondes, then BellaFrench is a fun girl to watch. She has a great personality and her shows tend to be fun to watch and listen to. Most of the time you are entertained at her home, but sometimes she’ll take you for a ride in her car for some wild fun. So what are you waiting for? Go give her a visit on Myfreecams.

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BellaFrench's new breasts and new ass

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ValerieVixen’s first cum show on Myfreecams

ValerieVixen on myfreecams mfc second dayValerieVixen is a model on Myfreecams who has rocketed to top model status in no time. This past Saturday, she spent an entire day online and raked in so many tokens it was unbelievable. Her first day was boosted by the help of another model, but her second day took off with incredible amazement. Within a short time she managed to make it to the number 2 spot on the top 20 highest cam girls. Although this is amazing, I still don’t see what is so special about this girl yet

As I watched the show, I noticed that ValerieVixen’s moves were very much in line with those moves you see strip girls perform at a strip club. I kinda get the hint that she may have worked in a club before switching to online camming. Anyway, Saturday was an interesting day. She performed her first cum show on her second day on Myfreecams. Not only did she do a cum show, she did several throughout the day. I have no idea how many hours she spent online but during the day while I was checking, she could have easily been on for 8 hours, maybe longer. The point is that guys never stopped tipping her and she averaged over 2000 people in her room throughout the day with a peak of over 4000 during the cum shows.

I initially thought she would be a 1 day wonder. I didn’t think her popularity would last. I am still waiting to see if this is just a one time phenomena, but so far it looks like she’s the hottest girl on Myfreecams. If you haven’t seen her and you like cute blondes with fake boobs and a nice shapely body, then go visit ValierVixen on Myfreecams.

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ValerieVixen cum show on myfreecams mfc

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AtomicBeauty new and improved on Myfreecams

AtomicBeauty on Myfreecams MFCSeveral months ago I had notices a cute model on Myfreecams by the screen name of TastyLolly. Her camscore was very low, but she was attracting a small but loyal group of followers. So I watched her on and off and decided that even though she performed well, I did not think she would rise out of the low scoring models zone. Well I kept watching her for a few weeks longer and this beautiful woman soon started to attract some very big premium members. By big I mean those premium members that love to tip a lot. Afterwards I stopped watching this sexy lady.

So we fast forward several months later and lo and behold I see her again, but much higher up in the ranks. TastyLolly is no longer the same girl she was several months ago. She practically re-invented herself in many ways. Now she is AtomicBeauty and the name fits. When I saw her this time I noticed something different about her. Her breasts were now bigger and fuller. Apparently sometime between the last time I saw her and her current appearance she got some breasts implants. Her overall performance has changed and it seems her new breasts have given her a new confidence. The pictures below give you a preview of her current look versus her natural look several months ago. Which you prefer is a matter of opinion. Anyway, if you like sexy Romanian women, then you might like to visit this model. AtomicBeauty on Myfreecams will surely please you, so what are you waiting for, give her a visit.

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AtomicBeauty naked on Myfreecams MFC

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KATEELIFE having fun on Myfreecams MFC

KATEELIFE having fun on myfreecams mfcSo today on Myfreecams I happened to visit KATEELIFE’s chatroom and to my amusement she was using one of those cam filters or effects. It looked more like a Saturday morning cartoon but for adults. Anyway, with this cartoonish effect she was showing off her breasts and more. It was a funny morning. There was some kind of raffle as well. I have no idea what it was about, but lots of guys seemed very excited about it.

If you don’t know who KATEELIFE is then you are missing out on some of the most amazing natural 34E breasts on the web. They are so well formed and her body is such a small frame, it’s amazing she has this figure. Katee also has a website which she is constantly advertising, so if you like watching a sexy cam model and getting some professionally made pictures from her website, then you must visit Katee. So what are you waiting for, go check her out on Myfreecams.

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ValerieVixen and AnaFoxx on Myfreecams MFC

ValerieVixen and AnaFoxx on myfreecams mfcToday I witnessed the most amazing startup for a new model that I have ever seen. As I was browsing through Myfreecams earlier today I noticed a new model with a lot of premium members visiting. I took a look and there was a college girl named ValerieVixen trying out Myfreecams on her first day. But what was causing her to be so popular? After watching for a while I realized that she was being helped by another cam girl, but the other cam girl was a top model that seems very popular. I have never heard of or seen AnaFoxx, but whatever it is that guys like about her is a mystery to me. As I watched Ana’s show some guy tipped her 10,000 tokens. The whole room was stunned and the show went on. Both Valerie and Ana did their shows on separate cams and scored tons of tokens today.

How much did they make today? Well, they spent several hours raking in the tokens doing nude shows, making out with each other and performing lap dances with each other. They seemed to be so popular because the guys never stopped tipping them. For a first day, ValerieVixen scored a lot of tokens and her camscore skyrocketed. So not it’s up to her to maintain the momentum. ValerieVixen might think this type of occurrence happens all the time, but it was an exception. But who knows, maybe she’ll keep it going and be a top model in no time. If you like hot blonde college girls with big fake boobs, then she’s one I’m sure you guys will check out. So go check her out on Myfreecams and see if she is a one day phenomena or the real deal.

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ValerieVixen and AnaFoxx myfreecams mfc nakedValerieVixen and AnaFoxx myfreecams mfc kissingValerieVixen and AnaFoxx on myfreecams mfc pussy

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