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Candacexx a.k.a Sherezade_xx actually works on cam

Candacexx on Myfreecams MFC redNot too long ago I started to watch this model named Candacexx. She hasn’t been online for a while now, but I wanted to see if she had made any progress since the last time I reviewed her. To give a little background history, Candacexx is a model that simply sits in front of the cam and waits for tips to come in. She doesn’t try to encourage people to tip, she won’t talk to anyone and she often complains. Most of the time she has a very pessimistic topic in her room.

So one day I decided to visit her room to see if anything had changed. And it so happened that a few generous members tipped her to perform. To my surprise she actually got up and started to do stuff. Candacexx did a little dancing and a little teasing. It wasn’t long before she vanished into a private session. Well, I couldn’t pass this up so I took a quick peek to see if she actually did anything and to my surprise she really performs online. So if you like to see a pretty model have fun online, you might want to visit this girl and see what happens.

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Go to Work to Work and not just sit around

Candacexx on myfreecams mfcI have seen many cam girls on Myfreecams that sit at the lowest levels of the rankings and I wonder why their ranks are so low. Well after watching these girls for a while, you soon realize why their camscores suck. There are many factors that make a cam girls camscore drop but one of the biggest is inactivity. Let us look at the example of Candacexx a.k.a. Sherezade_xx.

Here we have an attractive cam girl who gets on average a handful of visitors to her chatroom. The most premium members I’ve seen in her room are 2 maybe 3 at the most. She gets a few guests and basics so overall the total number of people that visit her at any given time tends to be less than 10. For an attractive lady, why is she not getting the traffic she needs and secondly why is her camscore low?

Based on my observations over several days, here is what I have learned. Most of the time she has a depressing story to share. She sometimes adds a topic that sets a depressing mood but mostly she doesn’t do anything. Candacexx will either sit or lay in front of her cam and not do anything. She won’t talk to her guests or premiums and she will get online and just sit and watch TV at times. So what do you expect when you put nothing forward? You get nothing in return. There is no point in complaining that you are not making tips if you are not working at all. There are also times when she posts a topic like, “tip me because my boss is watching” or something like that. I am more interested in what you can do not what your boss wants.

So the point of this post is, if you are a model, then you want to treat your cam modeling as a job and actually work at it. If you are not getting enough people into your room, go looking for them. Find ways to get people into your room and look at some of the techniques that other models use. Also read some of the previous articles I’ve written about improving your number of visitors. Feel free to comment about this article or other models that do similar things in the comments below.

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