Ninja_Girl case of a successful camgirl

Ninja_Girl on MyFreeCams MFCIn previous articles I have written case studies of camgirls which have struggled on MyFreeCams. Now we look at a camgirl who has achieved a level of success that many other models would dream to have. Ninja_Girl is perhaps one of the most popular models on MyFreeCams. As soon as she goes online, her room quickly fills with an average of 300 members or more. On good nights, she peaks over 3,500 members. I have seen many nights where she averages around 1000 people watching her shows, but it wasn’t always like this.

Some background history

Ninja_Girl is a very beautiful Romanian model and like many Romanian girls, she started off working in a studio and struggling to maintain a good camscore. There are many beautiful Romanian models, some do very well and average scores over 2000, but there are many other models that hover at 1000 camscore or below. In the case of Ninja_Girl, she transitioned from working in a studio to working for herself. This change did not result in her overnight success or popularity. It took many months to build up her camscore and many more months to build up her popularity.

From my observations, it appears that Ninja_Girl had a two step process. The first step was to improve her camscore. In order to do that, she understood that tokens divided by time equals camscore. So, the more tokens she made within a one hour block the better it was for her. Once she made her goal, she ended her online session. She averaged about 3 hours each day and maximized her token intake. This helped boost her camscore. But was that her secret?

Changing performance

Maybe it was more a change of attitude than performance, for Ninja_Girl. Essentially, before she changed her overall view, she did what most camgirls do, worked hard to get tokens. There were times when she also gave cheap or nearly free shows, but this was not going anywhere. So she became more social and started to do less hard core shows. When she started to be more social and she started to build online friendships, her personality began building her online fan base. This took many months, but it has reaped many rewards down the line.

Trying a new approach

After she became more social, she started to build a team. Somewhere along the line, she created her Ninja team made up of loyal friends and followers. And it was this team that has played a key roll in her success. She reduced or at times stopped doing group shows and private shows and only on occasion allows some private shows to happen. By reducing the amount of access there is to her and building a loyal team, she has created more demand for herself. To build on this success, Ninja_Girl launched one of her rare contests. The demand that she built over the past several months and her small dedicated team has resulted in a very successful Valentines month.


So what did it take to become successful? Ninja_Girl transitioned from your everyday camgirl to one of the most popular camgirls on MyFreeCams over a long period of time. Essentially some of the most successful camgirls take 6 months to 2 years to reach a good level of success. It is rare for a camgirl to start on their first week and reach that level of success; however, it does happen. In the case of Ninja_Girl, it was a long process which has brought about her success. So if you want to learn more about this sexy model, visit her room and check her out. Many new people that meet her for the first time become enamored by her and most importantly for Ninja_Girl they become addicted to this sexy woman. To learn more about what you can do to become more successful, feel free to explore some of my previous articles on how to improve your performance.

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Lori_ Myfreecams come back girl

Lori_ on MyFreeCamsOver the past several months I have been observing several models as they progress with their camscores on Myfreecams. In one particular case I wrote a case study about three different camgirls and their overall poor performance. Well of the three there was one who made progress and in particular a come back to the upper camscore ranks. In this article we look at Lori_ a Myfreecams model who also cams on Livejasmin under the alias EllinaCutie.

The beginning

Let’s start at the beginning. When Lori_ first started on Myfreecams her overall approach was to be shy and not show any nudity. Her first week was fairly average, but the main issue she had was that she was also camming on Livejasmin. There is nothing wrong with that, but as a first time model on two different websites, Lori_ made a common mistake to constantly log off of Myfreecams without telling her premium members why she was logging off. This led to the loss of many potential fans. Secondly, she did not understand the camscore. In no time at all, Lori_’s camscore went from the starting 1000 to under 500.

Making the change

At this point I was pretty sure there was no hope for this camgirl. But I was wrong. Over the past several months, she has managed to change her performance and she has learned to communicate better with her audience. Lori_ has managed to bring up her camscore from the upper 400′s to 1000 again. Although she is still hovering around 1000 camscore, she has the potential to improve.

As far as performance goes, it’s fairly average. When she first started she thought that just a sexy dance would get her far, but since then she has started to do some topless shows and now does full nude private shows. In Lori_’s case, she had to do a different type of show in order to get back up the ranks and start earning more tokens. Eventually if she gets popular enough, she may be able to switch over to just a sexy dance, but for now, if she keeps pushing her performance she’ll keep improving her camscore.


So if you camscore is low and you think there is no way to come back, then know there are models that have shown, it is possible to make a come back.

Picture Previews

Lori_ naked on MyFreeCams MFC

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Advice for new Camgirls

workingMost of the time a camgirl will begin on Myfreecams without doing any research. They may have high expectations and believe if they only sit there and wait, the tips will start to roll in. Then after a few days of doing the same thing over and over again, they start to realize that sitting in front of the cam isn’t going to always results in tips. So the next thing they may try is to strip and give free shows. By the time they get to this point, it is difficult to recover. The camgirl may have dropped down in camscore and may have lost her core audience. Recovering is harder and takes longer, but it can be done. In order to avoid this, lets start from the beginning.


Charge for friend add

When you first start out, you will have your default settings which mean everyone can send you a PM (private message). At first it may be fine, but as you become more popular or as time progresses, you may be overwhelmed by these messages. Most camgirls will set a price for PM privileges. Set a price and make some extra cash for this extra way to message you. You may also consider setting a time limit. For example, your friend add can be forever or it can last for a month or two. You choose your rules.

Be yourself and talk to people

Although your primary concern may be to make money, the best way to get tipped is to start talking to people, the same way you would talk to someone in person. Short statements like, “bb I’m horny” may give you short term results, but honestly, a good conversation can go a long way. You want to build an audience that will always come back and a return customer means return business and more tokens your way. Success may not happen overnight, but building a fan base, one premium member over time will result in a long term base further down the road.

Build your team

So you’ve started talking to people and now you have a couple of loyal fans that keep returning. The next piece of advice is to build your team. What I mean is that you want to start to expand your loyal fan base and get more people to follow you. Create a team, have these loyal fan members start talking to each other and before you know it, they may be encouraging or competing with each other. Essentially, you want to create an exclusive team/club made up of a few members. Then as your fan base grows, keep promoting this team/club and others will want to join as well. Once the demand to join the team is present, you can then set your price for it.

Never stop learning

Just like going to school and doing your homework, never stop learning. Logon to Myfreecams as a basic member, a guest or even a premium member. Interact with other camgirls or just watch and learn what works for other girls. Additionally, join online forums and websites that give tips and advice on how to improve and do well as a cam model. The bottom line is, don’t get comfortable and flatline. Always check out what the latest trends are and keep up with them. Most importantly listen and learn from your premium members.


So now that you have read this article start to practice it. If you camscore is low, then don’t worry, you can recover. Start talking to people, don’t wait for them to say hello to you. Build conversations and get your fan base growing. If there are things that work for you and you would like to share, feel free to comment below.

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Myfreecams the adult online community

myfreecams-communitySo what makes Myfreecams one of the best adult online communities or possibly the best adult online community? I have been visiting the site since 2010 and I have seen many models and many members interact with each other. I have learned a lot of things over these past several years, but most importantly I have learned that people like to interact and they like to talk with each other.

Keys to Success

So what are the keys to success? There is one factor that is important about this online community and if most models understand it, then they can achieve a level of successful. So what is that important factor? Engagement. People love to engage with each other. In other words they love to talk and interact. This is one of the reasons why this website is so successful. When you login not only do you see a model in a chatroom, you also see other members. What this means is that you can interact with the model or you can interact with other members or both at the same time. Other adult cam sites are not so interactive.

It is this interaction that helps build bonds and relations within the Myfreecams community. So if a model learns to engage her premium members, builds conversations and friendships, then she has a higher chance of getting tipped and at the same time build a customer base that will create repeat business. And if you have repeat business then you have a constant steady stream of income each month.

What do other people say?

I have read on forums, blog posts and even within the Myfreecams community that most members and models like the site because it creates a friendly and engaging environment. Most people are pretty cool and enjoy participating in conversations. You will always find rooms that lack the chat or overall interaction. If a model finds herself in a situation where no one will talk, then she needs to find at least one person to initiate a conversation and start building that engagement. Don’t focus on the negative. Talk about anything interesting. People like chatrooms where the model and the members are having fun together.

So if you want to build that online community, then find someone fun to interact with. If you have any comments or other ideas about this online community feel free to comment below.

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Valentine’s in the month of February

big_high_1_105371So it’s that time again when many of the models on Myfreecams begin their Valentine’s raffles and contests. For any new model that needs ideas on how to make more on Myfreecams or any other live cam website, this is a great month to see what many of the top models are doing.

Typically, what I have seen many models do in February is offer raffles with prices from: custom videos, picture sets, Skype shows, sell of panties or other clothing and of course some off date raffles. The interesting thing about a date raffle is that it can be either an in person date or what some models like to do is a Skype date. Yet there are other models that get very creative with their prizes. For example some models also bake and sell their goods to premium members. One baked item that is fairly popular is the sell of cookies.

But let us not forget that this month also launches an array of sexy red outfits. Sexy lingerie becomes prevalent especially as we approach the 14th day of the month. Although Valentine’s day may come and go, these contests and shows will continue on until the end of the month. So if you thought October and December were fun, then I’m sure that February has a lot in store for us.

If you are a new model trying to get ideas, the is a great month to login as a guest and check out what some of the popular models are up to. If you have any ideas you want to share, feel free to do so in the comments section below.

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Request69′s first Group show in 3 years

Request69 first group show

Request69′s first group show in 3 years

Request69 is a very hot model on Myfreecams. If you have not seen her around it’s probably because she spends a lot of time in True Privates and she normally comes on at odd hours of the night. In any case, she has been on Myfreecams for a long time and has changed her performance over the years. She seldom does public shows and primarily sticks to public flashes, but most of the time she spends in private shows.

Anyway, something changed this year in 2013, Request69 did her first group show in 3 years. I have no idea what made her change her mind about this, but she did it. Since I saw that first group show, she has done it again. So I wonder if this is going to be a new norm for her. Whatever the case may be, if you have not seen this hot sexy brunette, you should keep your eyes out for her and visit her chatroom when you get a chance. To visit her on Myfreecams click the picture above.

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KateeLIFE speaks on Myfreecams

KateeLIFE speaks on Myfreecams mfc

KateeLIFE speaks on Myfreecams

I have been following Kateelife for a long time now, ever since she first started on Myfreecams. Do I remember hearing her talk at any point? Not really, but then again when she first started I wasn’t paying attention. Previous to her Myfreecams start, she did cam on other sites, but again I have no idea if she had talked before on cam. So lately, Kateelife has been striving for some goals and she promised on cam that if she made her goal she would speak. I witness this promise 2 times already, but the first time I didn’t stick around to see if she actually met her goal and spoke. Anyway, this past Friday on the 11th day of the New Year, Kateelife met on of her goals and for a few minutes of cam time, I and several hundred other visitors heard Katee speak on cam. What can I say but she sounded like a shy American girl. Very nice voice and I’m glad to have heard it and witness it. If you haven’t seen this sexy gal yet, click her picture above to visit her on Myfreecams.

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The Race to Miss Myfreecams

Happy New Years. It’s the start of 2013 and a great way to begin this year is by talking about the race to Miss Myfreecams. I have known that this contest has been part of Myfreecams for a long time, but I never really paid attention to it. Most models probably don’t care about it, but I am pretty sure that at least 200 models are trying their best each month to get into the top 100. Of those that get into the top 100 models, at least half of them are striving to get into the top 20 and of the 20 that are there at least half want to be in the top 10. Once you start looking at the top 10 models, these girls are competing rigorously to stay in the top 10 or to get as close as they can to number 1.

Free account for life on Myfreecams mfcSo what does it take to get into the top 100 and then to get to top 20? The reality is, that in order to make it to the top 100 models you have to be making a lot of tokens. Most models have to strive to get 20,000 tokens every 2 weeks in order to get paid, this does not include the American models who have a lower payout goal. If a model makes her 20,000 goal ever two weeks, then she is making the minimum which is no where close to top 100. In order to get to that you have to be making 2 or 3 times your bi-weekly goal to be in the top 100. So the models that are there and the ones that are in the top 20 are making loads of tokens probably in the excess of 100,000 tokens. I would have to say these girls are well off and yet they want to make more to get the recognition of being in this category but also to get the small prize money that Myfreecams offers to this group. Although it is a small bonus, it does not compare to the actual amounts these girls are making.

So to conclude this article, I’ve been watching the top 10 models compete against each other and they are doing anything and everything to earn those tokens. Their ranks change on a daily and even hourly basis. I saw one model ranked number 8 striving to get to 7, but with an hour or so she was bumped to number 9. The competition is fierce and it takes a lot of work to maintain your top 10 rank and to keep making those tokens.

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What Myfreecams is all about

Free account for life on Myfreecams mfcI have written several articles on how a camgirl can improve performance, get more members and essentially become more successful, but is there a way to really simplify all those articles into one article that tells you all you need to know? Not too long ago I was speaking with a model who was getting frustrated with Myfreecams. She could not understand why members wouldn’t tip her.

Here is a little background history about this model. When she first started on Myfreecams, she had a quick surge of success. Mainly because the new label that Myfreecams issues to new models was a quick boost. This quickly pushed her above the average models. One other thing this model had going for her was her overall beauty. She is a very beautiful model and if Myfreecams was based on beauty alone, she would rank amongst the top models; however, there is more to it than just that. What makes this model a challenge to succeed is the fact that she cams on multiple sites.

I am not saying that models that cam on multiple sites can’t succeed on Myfreecams, but it is very difficult to be successful when you keep logging off one site to do a private on another site. It really annoys the members that have been following the model and annoys them more when they give a small tip and then the model logs off.

So this model has been getting frustrated and is now struggling since she has been doing the same thing over and over for weeks. Unfortunately she doesn’t understand the members side and their frustrations. It seems to be a very one sided view from the models point of view. Members don’t tip her and she doesn’t understand why.

So this brings me to the point of this article, “what is Myfreecams all about?” Well, when it comes down to it, it is about building online friendships and establishing long term client relations. Essentially there are a lot of lonely guys that are seeking attention online and talking to a pretty lady that gives them some attention goes a long way. Of course guys are there to see naked girls, but building that online friendship can reap many rewards for the model. A model that keeps her customers coming back for more, whether that is for a naked show or just for a good conversation, will start to succeed. This is essentially what can really change things for a model.

There will always be lucky models online and there will always be beautiful models, but on Myfreecams, communications is King and if you aren’t talking to your people, you’ll probably still be struggling to succeed. Make friends and keep them and those friends will help you in return. If you have comments about this article feel free to voice them in the comments section below.

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How you rank on Myfreecams

Free account for life on Myfreecams mfcWhen I first started watching models on Myfreecams, I used to believe there was only one way that models were ranked and that was through their camscore. Over the past couple of years Myfreecams has made changes that have affected the way models get ranked on their homepage. After careful observations I’ve come to realize that there are 3 real ranks on Myfreecams: camscore, popularity and Miss Myfreecams rank.

First, the one that is obvious is the camscore. By default, when you first visit Myfreecams everyone is ranked by camscore, but this can be easily changed. When you click on your settings you can change your settings to 1 of 5 options, but I think of those 5 options only 2 really stand out: camscore and popularity. For models that have been on Myfreecams for a long time or for those lucky ones that have pulled a high camscore in a short period, then the default rank on the homepage is an advantage to them. I know Myfreecams says don’t worry about your camscore, but their is a direct relation between your camscore and the number of tips you get.

What is interesting is that long ago I decided to change my settings to “most popular” rooms. This way of ranking can give some of the lowest ranked models an advantage over the higher ranked models. I think many members have started to switch their settings to popularity rank because there are many low level models that are quickly rising due to this setting. However, I don’t think these models understand this change and they may not be taking advantage of it. I personally prefer the “popularity” rank as it shows up different models online everyday instead of the same ones that are ranked via camscore.

Lastly is the Miss Myfreecams rank. This rank depends primarily on how many tokens you earn for the month. What is amazing about this rank is that there are models with high camscores that cannot make it to the top 100 whereas there are models with lower camscores in the top 100. This lets me know that camscore is not a real indication of how much a model is really earning. The Miss Myfrecams rank is a real indication of tokens earned by a model. Although there is no filter to set the ranking of the top 100 it is very interesting to watch the ranks as these models earn tips each week.

So if you are a new model and you think that the rank is all about the camscore, then fear not, there are more ways that premium members can find you on Myfreecams and the key is to take advantage of these methods when they come your way.

If you have your own opinion about the ranks on Myfreecams feel free to comment below.

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